Parlay 8's Not So Secret Diary: Family

Parlay 8's Not So Secret Diary: Family

What’s the Webster definition of Family? Among the many different definitions is a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation. That’s exactly what the crew is, family. In November we posted this picture and shared what an amazing group our crew is. We may be Parlay 8 all the time but when we are with them, we... View more

Adventure Awaits!

So, this is the time.of year when us pirates slow down the ship to a manageable speed, assess the year, maybe disembark to spend time with family. These are the things we are doing, but don't worry, we haven't forgotten you, the people who we do this for.We are still taking orders and making new things for the web store.... View more

Pirate Family

When Devra and I are not doing what we love for Parlay 8, this our crew..our family, The Loose Cannon Company.We love everyone in this picture. Take a close look at them, because everyone of them love pirating and teaching you about what it was like to be a pirate in the early 18th century as much as we do.We... View more