Long Beige Linen Vest - Men's 18th Century Style

Long Beige Linen Vest - Men's 18th Century Style

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Climb aboard and look daring as you ready for another adventure. Hand sewn long style vest is made of a beige linen with raised branch detail. 12 antique gold shank buttons adorn the front. Back is complementing of black linen with matching sash tie and lined with a poly/cotton blend material. The back sash keeps it snug over a pirate shirt or under a gentleman's coat. The vest is a staple piece to any costume and can be worn with many styles of costume.

 This late 1600's to early 1700's aesthetic clothing was meant to be worn under a coat but definitely not limited to. Popular during the Golden age of piracy. Whether your looking to dress as a pirate, colonial settler, or even a musketeer, this piece is a great start to an extravagant adventure. This vest is sure to find a lasting place within your kit or renaissance costume. Measurements (these are estimated finished garment lengths and may vary slightly). Handcrafted from beginning to end in our home port of Virginia.

Medium Large Extra Large
Chest 42-3/4" 46-3/4"  50-3/4"
Waist 42" 46"  50"

Difference in back length to front length is approximately 4.75".

Spot clean or dry cleaning recommended.

This item is ready to ship in this exact size/length/color. This fabric is discontinued and unavailable in other sizes or styles.

Custom vests available with historical mimic fabric and pockets, decorative or functional.