Season's Go and Season's Come

Parlay 8's Not So Secret Diary


9/26/20210 min read

Summer season is officially behind Parlay 8. Truly during the months of May to August we are out with our crewmates The Loose Cannon Company, sharing in the wild tales of pirates at our weekend encampments. After the year of the plague, some things still have not returned to normal. But other things came into play for us.

Amid events with encampments, we still manage to enjoy the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI and even went out to vend at the Ocean Renaissance Faire in Ocean City, MD. Although our vending in person affairs have reduced drastically in the last few years, our attention to quality of work has not.

We have been grateful to have various people from the pirate community reach out for new kit and decorative pieces. Summer is typically on the slow side on the Parlay 8 side of things as many of our pirate brethren are out there right beside us enjoying the summer festivities. The fall and winter is when everyone starts to slow down and think of what should become of their look for next season. Or they are wanting to up their game for Halloween.

It brings a balance to us that we didn’t expect. It just happened. But that’s what makes this whole process even more enjoyable. When you think your pirating days are over. We are still right at it. Along with the fall/winter off month of encampments, we have started a new season of Pillage Overload in the social app Smoke & Bacon (subscription required). Parlay 8 is 100% hand made product from Ballast and me. We are the heartbeat of Parlay 8 and take everything that goes out the door seriously.

If you’re looking for a new piece for you outfit, a new black flag or wood burned signed reach out to us at

Photo credit: Bo Mulcahy