The World Is Closed

Parlay 8's Not so Secret Diary

Parlay 8

3/22/20200 min read

So here we are. Everything is shutting down left and right, kids are home from school, no sporting events, no meetings, and if your company has anything to do with the public, no work. And the thing we all are down about… our events are cancelled.

So what's a pirate to do? Well first you’re a pirate; you have done things outside the norm for years! Now is the time to go spend some it with your family. You can actually still go outside. Pretend it’s an extended event weekend where technology is bad and not 18th century. Put your tablet or your phone down, turn off the TV, and do something. All knows that the social media on this thing is tearing people apart even as they try to come together. You know, maybe talk to your kids, get to know them again. If you haven’t drowned them in your world of your passion start showing them! Take advantage of this time especially if you have a teenager. Go climb a tree, go build something, take a walk, go sit down by the river and watch the birds. The world has shut down but the WORLD has not shut down.

I know all of you went to the grocery store. Push aside the packages of toilet paper, grab the steaks, fire up the grill, and cook out. Spring is here even if it’s a little cold on the evening hours. If you live in the northern states, don't let that stop you. (We grew up in Illinois and Jersey; we know the cold doesn't slow you down.)

You have to look at the bright side in all of this. We have an opportunity as a society and just as people in general, to get to know our families again. The reality is that the next few months, or years, depending on how bad this gets, are going to be rough. If we don't stick together, as families, as communities, or as a society, we've lost.

Those being said, take the steps needed to not let that happen. The things we proposed at the beginning of this blog are just the beginning. There are so many more things we can do. There are a lot of great ideas out there. We’ve been face timing with our crew just to stay in touch since we can’t be in touch. Other ideas, google, it's fantastic (Yeah I know right after we bashed the electronics we’re telling you to use them. Well whose perfect!) It’s all about balance and it’s time we found balance.

So now it's time for us to go put on our garb and do some sword practice. We're both home, might as well. Because we haven't been practicing enough. We’re also trying something new with live streaming tonight, you know pirates adapting to the world.

Fair Winds and Following Seas!