Choose your fabric Medium Belt Pouch

Choose your fabric Medium Belt Pouch

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Keep your hands free for whatever adventure awaits you! Every faire goer needs a place to stash your modern necessities out of site!

Don't have pockets in your current kit? No pockets, no problem. This hip belt bag has a loop that fits roughly up to a 2" wide belt. Made to open with ease. Normally secured down with a magnet that is sewed into the lining. the flap flips up and reveals the black ribbon to untie.

Enter your treasures into the 7" deep festival bag. The pouch is 4" across when closed and 8.5" when open. The hip pouch easily fits modern communication devices and closes without issue (a galaxy plus fits no problem). This Renaissance Bag is lined with cotton/polyester blend, the parlay 8 tag has been embroidered into the lining. 

The listing is made to order. Select your color and we'll make it in the style to match your kit. Turn around is 5-7 days.