Yule tide and Tailor in the 21st Century

18th Century when everything was custom made


12/15/20220 min read

Anyone who is aware of the seasons and pays attention to how our world evolves will of course pay attention to the Winter Solstice or Yule. It is a time to think about our hopes for the coming year, and our plans and aspirations.

To say Parlay 8 is any different with those thoughts would be to lie to our true selves. The last two years have been a whirlwind. In all honestly it has been the last 4 years. And with the future we hope for, we also look to the past. Our road trip hit the highway in 2019 only to slow down in 2020 momentarily. Now gearing up for 2023 we always sit back and focus on our past and realign for the future. For myself (Lashing) I have started to do more research and learn how to block tailor without patterns. A frightening prospective moving forward into the year. But something I feel will give quality not only to the people we interact with but to myself in knowing confidently I can produce a professional product.

But, you say, Lashing what have you been doing till now. In all honestly, I have been R&Ding patterns, rip and deploy as it were. I find a pattern, find how it works and butcher it till I configure it to really work for what I need. Truly nothing wrong with that. But lately, however a couple of patterns are not working the way I want them to and just frankly frustrate me in the way they fit.

Pulling a new skill under my belt will help provide me with a larger outreach. Currently I refuse to work with women’s clothing. Maybe after building and understanding this skill I can take on the short coming’s of my fears to create women’s clothing. Truth be told I make my own but it’s always hit and miss. I am the first person to say I would rather make a piece of kit than modern clothing cause of the forgiving sizes. But to look at the reality of things 18th century clothing it is more custom and tailored than the 21st century clothing. I always say “18th century when everything was custom made”